Pellet line

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One of the latest products in our company range. Production of complete lines for straw pellets and sawdust, chips. Customers have a choice between 350-500 kg / h and 750-1000 kg / h. In this way the line is suitable for both smaller and larger factories.

A series of processes are required to reach the finished pellets. The selected material should be brought to a certain size suitable for pelleting. Our grinders will take care of this. Following is the process of conditioning the material and bringing it to the proper humidity for the pelleting process. For this purpose we offer our dryers, which with a capacity of 300 kg / h, 500 kg / h and 1000 kg / h, do the necessary job. The prepared material is delivered to the pellet press, where the pellets are actually formed as a finished product. Again our customers have a choice of performance, namely 200-300 kg / h, 500-700 kg / h and 800-1000 kg / h. Straw, wood and sunflower flakes pellets can be produced.

The line is available in different variants depending on the needs and capabilities of our customers. If you have existing equipment, we offer equipment compatibility option.


Pellets are a cylindrical product obtained after compression of various combustible products. Most commonly, these are sawdust, wood and wood-processing residues or agro-residues such as straw and sunflower dredges.

Pellets are calorie-rich fuel, much better than solid fuels. Therefore, you dont need such large quantities compared to the conventional fuels. The process of burning pellets gives another advantage – this fuel pollutes much less. When burning pellets the released amount of soot and ashes is very small.


pellet line

In the video, you can see the fully installed and ready to use pellet line

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  • Bulk grinder
  • Fine grinder 5 mm.
  • Wet and dry material silos
  • Dryer, pellet presses
  • Cooling tower
  • Connecting conveyors