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Soil tillage has always been an inevitable process in agriculture. The cultivators manufactured by “AYA” Ltd. shorten the processes required for the correct and high-quality tillage and combine both quality and reliability in the execution of tasks.

The pre-sowing cultivators combine several types of working bodies to achieve high-quality pre-sowing preparation with a minimum number of cultivations, namely a better soil structure; field alignment; weeding.

In working condition, the main frame with the front and rearrollers accurately copies the pitch. The desired cultivation depth is adjusted by the gradual movement of the auxiliary frame with working bodies relative to the main one by means of adjusting screws. The quality of the work done satisfies the specific requirements of each plant for moisture, air and heat.

  • Rough alignment
  • Weeding up to 7cm.
  • Rough clod shuttering
  • Weeding up to 15cm.
  • Ground leveling
  • Fine clod shuttering
  • Fine alignment

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The attached table lists the three models we offer with their main characteristics.

Operating width /m./2.54.55
Transportation width/m./2.52.53
Tractor power /hp/80-100140-160160-180
Weight /kg./160030003200
Operating depth /cm./7-157-157-15